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Matching living room furniture may be a little passe these days, but at least this living room has a nice color scheme and a relaxed ambiance… one of the leading defense strategies those of you with a matching living room set can still use!

But there’s a few other things we could do to improve this living room. 

1. Put an area rug under the coffee table to ‘pull’ this living room set together. Right now the pieces look a little standoff-ish…  like they don’t quite get along.

2.   Place the otttoman on the fourth (empty) side of the coffee table – it’s low enough not to block the view, and large enough to stand on its own four feet. Currently, the sofa on the left looks miles away from the chair on the right. Ok, I’ll say it… chairs with over-sized  ottomans are complete space hogs and best (1) sent with chair to the corner of the room, (2) angled, or (3) not bought in the first place. Moving this beast would balance the living room set, add more seating and tighten up the living room arrangement (… yes, yes, it can always be pulled over when needed). 

3. Lower the picture frame a few inches so it looks connected with the sofa rather than suspended in mid air. Being dark, it’s currently drawing a leee-tle too much attention to itself. Drawing the eye to the seating in a living room (duh…) rather than to the artwork is always better decorating etiquette. Feel free to rethink this rule if you’re the artist.

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