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bigstockphoto_dining_room_1581886This small dining room could have been bland and mediocre with beige walls and builder windows. But by painting the wall leading into the kitchen a pasta color and adding a simple striped rug under the table, the room looks insired by a charming, global village somewhere halfway around the world. I like the use of black on the table & chairs. The simple design of the chairs – supports the primitive, rustic quality.

But the lighting pendant seems too contemporary for this space. Something more rustic would have kept that African village global style alive. Hanging it lower would also make it part of the table atmosphere.

The window looks like it should be taller. This proportion problem is reduced by keeping the window trim, wall and blinds the same color. Bit I’d hang draperies or a blind right from ceiling height to make that short window look  taller. A blind in a natural texture or weave… or plantation-style shutters would be the ideal way to warm up this small dining room even more.

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