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410_7,9__9,1,2_fusion_bigstockphoto_483040If a fancy, new bed isn’t in your budget right now, here’s a great way to create the perception of one.

Find 2 or 3 framed posters or artwork that, together, approximately match the width of your bed. Hang them just slightly above the height of pillows proped up against the wall. Add additional pillows and linens to match colors in the artwork and voila!… you don’t just have the look of a headboard, but an attractive feature wall in your bedroom. Adding a bench or row of ottomans at the base of the bed creates the perception of a footboard as well!

Another thing that really works in this room is the white wainscot at about the height of the bed. This low line around the perimeter of the room creates a relaxed, calming effect. The white color used near the floor makes this small room look more spacious, while the darker color above makes it cozy and helps darken the room at night.