Modern white walls contrast rich mahogany-colored furniture.

This kitchen is a great example of a popular interior design trend.. one in which traditional style gets cleaned up… and modern style get warmed up. It’s a new style trend driven by color as much as by style.

With just a hint of molding, the dark mahogany-colored kitchen cabinets look nearly contemporary. But it’s the mix of this classic furniture finish with modern white paint on the walls, black furniture, black-and-white pictures and stainless steel appliances and fixtures that create this interesting  new look.

It’s an unexpected, high-impact mix of classic and contemporary colors and finishes, modified with a warm fawn-colored flooring and countertop that helps bridge the extremes.

What’s not working so well is the kitchen table and chairs.  Black was a good choice… it works in classic or contemporary rooms. The glass table also works to lighten the look. But the thin, promotional metal on the dinette is disappointing, espeically when seen against the rich mahogany kitchen cabinets. A more substantial dinette (or at least dining chairs)… maybe in wood rather than metal, would have maintained such a chic look.

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