If you’re looking for a romantic, French-inspired look for a young girl’s bedroom, here’s a room decorating idea you might like.  And if bedroom space or re-decorating budget are tight, you’ll like it even more!

This French-inspired girl’s room has a lot more personality than furniture. You could pull it together with nothing more than a mattress and boxspring, two small night stands, a chest of drawers for storage and a few yards of fabric. 

Placing the twin bed lengthwise against the wall creates a sofa-daybed effect. The small tables on either side act as end tables during the day and nightstands at night.

The tall, ruffled skirt pools dramatically on the floor (very French!) and connects to a small area rug that frames the bed. The cascading fabric above the bed is simply gathered around a circular ring hung from the ceiling.

The rectangular wall panels behind the night tables are created with simple white trim. For extra glam, hang long, narrow mirrors between them.

A light champagne color on the wall is perfect for the look.

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