There’s a lot to love about this dining room. That grand symmetry… the champagne drapes against the apricot walls… the floral arrangements on the pedestals. But even if your dining room doesn’t look like this (marble floors, ‘ya right)… behind all this elegance lies a great idea for giving your own dining room a facelift without renovating or buying all new furniture.

Replace your armchairs.

If you’re like most of the western world, your dining room has matching chairs around the dining room table, with the potential exception of the armchairs at the end … likely they’ve got, yes,  arms, as opposed to the side chairs, which don’t. My point being… since armchairs are already a little different, so why not make them a lot different? 

The easiest way to do this is to add two upholstered armchairs (to contrast wood side chairs), as they’ve done here. There are plenty of upholstered-back or skirted dining room chairs in furniture stores these days. Look for a pair that has something in common with your existing side chairs… a similarly colored fabric or a similar style from a similar era.

If the fabric on your side chairs is too distinct or hard to coordinate with, choose solid colored armchairs or even leather. Or, as it is in most cases, if your side chair fabric is a little bland, add some pattern on the end chairs. 

Your existing armchairs can be recycled elsewhere in your house… they’re stately enough to look good on their own in the corner of a bedroom (very handy there too), behind a desk or even as additional seating in the living room!

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