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Blue BedroomBlue is a popular color for bedrooms. It’s said that America’s favorite color helps us relax.. maybe that’s because it simulates the sky and encourages us to blue-sky, or dream, happy thoughts all night? But blue is also a good bedroom c hoice for another reason – it’s inherently darker than most other colors… making rooms seem darker at night.  

But it’s the way the blue is used in the room that’s most noteworthy. Notice how the color of the blue accent wall behind the bed is repeated in the bed lines, the lamp shade and the wall art above the bed. The effect is quiet and slightly sophisticated.

Blue’s complementary color, orange, is used in pillows and window drapery. White trim on the windows keeps the blue fresh and clean-looking, and adds a nice contrast against the dark wood on the bed.

You can achieve the same effect with any color… just extend your accent wall color onto the bed linens and accessories. The effect is quiet and understated, but also elegant and chic looking!