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Few books have captured the beauty of New Orleans interiors and Creole-style design quite like Richard Sexton’s New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence. Published in 1993 (Chronicle Books) and again in 2003, the book was dubbed “the best photography book ever done on the city.”

A resident of New Orleans, Richard Sexton is a noted photographer, artist, writer, critic, teacher and author. Sexton specializes in photography of architecture, design and landscapes.

Several of Sexton’s photographs are featured in this month’s roomplanners magazine.  We dedicated the entire issue to New Orleans homes and his shots helped us capture the flavor of this unique city and its one-of-a-kind interior design. To find out more about eclectic New Orleans interiors and Creole-style room designs, furniture, paint colors and architecture, click on this link to open the magazine:

Richard Sexton’s photographs have also been featured in The Cottage Book, In the Victorian Style, American Style: Classic Product Design from Airstream to Zippo, in addition to books profiling New Orleans’ architecture and interiors, Louisiana plantations and the Gulf Coast. 

New Orleans: Elegance and Decadence. Richard Sexton, photographer



It’s been 5 years since hurricane Katrina flooded the city of New Orleans.

 The Crescent City didn’t just suffer severe damage to 200,000 homes. It suffered damage to some of the most unique homes in America. With so many of those homes still in need of repair, we dedicated our June 2010 roomplanners magazine issue to highlighting what makes New Orleans homes and Creole-style interior design so special.

Much more has been written about New  Orleans’ music, food and festivals than about its interiors. But it’s the city’s homes and interior design that let us glimpse into America’s golden age of home design, and its most unique creations.

You don’t need to decorate in New Orleans style to appreciate it (though you may be tempted to!). But we hope this issue peeks your curiosity about New Orleans enough to put it at the top of your list of places to visit. No other city in America offer such a unique, indigenous mix of European,  American, African and island culture.

Sadly, at the time of this publication, the people of New Orleans are again under siege; this time by an oil spill that threatens their wildlife, seafood industry and tourism. The tragedy of the past months motivated us even more to bring the beauty of this city’s culture, seen through its homes and interior design, to our pages this month.

Click on the magazine cover above, or the link below to open the issue! Enjoy!

Modern white walls contrast rich mahogany-colored furniture.

This kitchen is a great example of a popular interior design trend.. one in which traditional style gets cleaned up… and modern style get warmed up. It’s a new style trend driven by color as much as by style.

With just a hint of molding, the dark mahogany-colored kitchen cabinets look nearly contemporary. But it’s the mix of this classic furniture finish with modern white paint on the walls, black furniture, black-and-white pictures and stainless steel appliances and fixtures that create this interesting  new look.

It’s an unexpected, high-impact mix of classic and contemporary colors and finishes, modified with a warm fawn-colored flooring and countertop that helps bridge the extremes.

What’s not working so well is the kitchen table and chairs.  Black was a good choice… it works in classic or contemporary rooms. The glass table also works to lighten the look. But the thin, promotional metal on the dinette is disappointing, espeically when seen against the rich mahogany kitchen cabinets. A more substantial dinette (or at least dining chairs)… maybe in wood rather than metal, would have maintained such a chic look.

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