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Camden, by American Drew

There are his and hers sinks, towels, even furniture. So why not a master bedroom split down the middle… with his stuff on one side and her stuff on the other. The good news is that wouldn’t even need to be marital stife or separation preceedings in place… this could just be fun.

This bedroom shows how it could be done (though in this example, one could argue neither of these particular colors are especially his-ish).

Center the bed on one of the walls and paint the two halves of on each side a different color. Place a dresser or dressing table on her side of the room and a chest of drawers on his side.  Add a hers chair in her corner of the room and a more manly his chair in his corner… and you’re done.

To avoid this idea going very badly, a few tips: 

(1) use colors that are compatible. Colors should have something seriously in common with each other… both rustic colors (straw and denim), both chic colors (champagne and slate), both classic colors (amber and bordeaux), both romantic colors (old rose and olive), etc. Or his and hers colors could be drawn from a painting above the bed.

(2) use matching curtains or blinds over windows (if they exsit) on both sides of the room, or match them to the color of the wall they’re in front of.

(3) use matching lamps on the night stands.

(4) use one furniture style, though pieces could be chosen with a his and hers approach.  

(5) center an area rug and artwork between the two sides to tie the whole thing together!