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Fun bathroom

Bright, zesty paint colors can be tiring in large spaces… but never in the bathroom. Since we don’t spend a lot of time there, we can exercise our most daring decorating ideas. And if the room gets a little dark… well, some of us are pretty sure we look better in lower lighting anyway.

There are a few things about this commercial bathroom that I really like – it’s not just a great example of using bright color, but it offers some fun and very inexpensive decorating ideas

* a simple wallpaper border (could also be hand-painted) was added around a very basic mirror to ‘frame it’. It added character, made the mirror look bigger and art-like. Notice the dark green border around the border creates even more of a framed look. 

* the same color used in the border was used on the upper wall so the border wouldn’t look too stark (this is a big problem with borders – they often stand out too much against a wall paint color; go for subtlety by using the border’s background as the main paint color)

* the border was extended around the perimeter of the room to separate upper and lower wall paint colors. Notice the dark green border was cut off in this case so not to detract from the ‘framed’ mirror. Notice also, a 3″ or so band of the lower color runs above the border to create a double border – a small detail with big impact.

* the ceramic tile on the top of a counter adds a lot of character, texture and a customized look to even the  plainest vanity. In a small area, ceramic tile is also inexpensive! 

If Mexican, fiesta style isn’t your bag, the same design ideas could be used in a country, classic or modern scheme.

Another great little room that proves good design doesn’t have to be expensive!

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