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Designer BathroomThe choice of colors in this bathroom design is all modern, but it’s the placement of those colors that make it spectacular. 

The first bit of interior design magic is the bathroom tile… sea glass-colored mosaic tiles on the foor that perfectly simulate the  unspoiled tropical waters of an idyllic island (if you’ve ever been to BoraBora, this is the actual color of the water). Running the same tile up the bathroom shower wall would transport you to the sea while showering!

The second bit of  magic is all the white paint everywhere else. Walls, ceiling and fixtures disappear around so much of this head-clearing hue. The trick here is to use not just a version of  white paint, but a pure, unadulterated white (Behr #1850 is the purest white paint color I’ve found).

The bathroom shower wall is all-glass. Light fixtures are simple white glass globes on the ceiling and there’s nothing fancy or distracting about the mirror goes on the full length of the wall. Towel racks are simple stainless steel and white towels would be a requirement.

The pedestal sink lets us see more of the bathroom floor, makes the room look bigger and creates the illusion that the uninterrupted floor is the sea itself. A storage shelf beneath the mirror is discreet and if other bathroom cabinets were needed, they’d need to be white.

Even if you don’t have a bathroom design as streamlined as this one, the same scheme would work in any bathroom.

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